July 24, 2023 4:42 pm

Eve Bean-Allen

Do you ever have those days where you feel like you just don’t want to get out of bed? Do you ever feel like you are running on fumes and are just tired? Then you are not alone. Whenever I do a consult with a client I always finish with one question, out of all the things we discussed today, which one do you want to deal with first? More often than not I get the answer-I need more energy. Truthfully, part of the problem is us. We tend to be on tight schedules due to jobs, children, social obligations, etc. and rarely give ourselves the nutrients required to maintain such a pace. It is not anything new to me, I have been known to do this myself as I get caught up in daily items and don’t always eat the way I should. When I do things right though, I feel amazing! I love my veggies! I love to eat them in salads, stir fries, stews, soups, sandwiches, egg dishes, casseroles, you name it. One of my favorites is roasted vegetables with oil, garlic, balsamic vinegar and a little sea salt. That is the bomb! 🙂 (I am an A blood type and I truly love vegetables so I make the perfect grazer).

If you go by the food pyramid, which is not correct in its assessment in my opinion, then you need between 3-5 servings of vegetables a day. Most people rarely get two servings a day let alone one. People will consider eating potatoes at every meal good and will hardly ever eat anything green. This is a sad state of affairs. I admit, I love potatoes as much as the next person, after all, I was raised on a farm and potatoes were a common occurrence on my plate at meal times. There are so many other benefits of eating a variety of vegetables though, especially green ones. Ideally you should be consuming a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day and meat and dairy products should be more like condiments in your diet. People will roll their eyes at me when I tell them this but it is the nutrients within these foods that give us the energy we need to thrive. When we pollute the body with richer foods that is when we become more sluggish, experience pain and inflammation and drag through life like death warmed over. There are so many fantastic ways to consume vegetables I can’t imagine not having them in my diet.

Many people will also look to a multi-vitamin to help them, which, if you find a good company, will significantly help boost those energy levels. B vitamins and magnesium are a go to for energy and play key roles in the production of energy in the body. If you can get them in liquid form that is even better because you save your body the energy consuming process of digestion and they can get right to work. 🙂 The older a person gets the harder it is for the digestive processes to do their job so liquid versions of these things are a thumbs up for those people. I have a few people who are on regular B12 shots too as a way to help them get through their day. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but I do know the body can do its own conversion if we put the right things in it. For instance, did you know that Dill (yes the common garden herb) has almost all the B vitamins in it? How many people actually consume this herb on a regular basis? (I do, simply because I love the flavor). It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12 and C.  (HOLY SMOKES!)  It also contains good amounts of calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, sodium and copper. The point is, spices can add a ton of nutrients to your dishes as well and make things right tasty. This is one of the reasons I started teaching herb classes in my region (and now online too), to teach people to use the plants that surround us in our diets as well as medicine. I believe a wise man once stated,

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Something like that anyway. Herbs and spices play a big role in that statement as most of them are also foods. I try to vary my spices on a regular basis so that I know I am getting the nutrition I need just in case my regular consumption of food doesn’t contain what my body requires to keep going.

We are surrounded by life. Life that comes in the sun, the moon, the trees, the water, the plants and even the rocks around us. All of that ‘life’ puts out energetic frequencies. These frequencies can actually feed our bodies and give us energy. This is why in places like Japan, walking in the woods every day is considered a good exercise. I know I feel nourished when I am out in nature. It is grounding and edifying to my soul at the same time. For those who don’t have a forest or mountain lake/river as a backyard option, there are rife frequencies that can help boost those levels too. I like to run a circulation panel and pair it with an energy and vitality panel to get things going at times and reboot my energetic sequences in my body. It sounds crazy I know, but it helps. A lot. For this reason I created the bio-essence called Full Battery than contains those frequencies as well as the vibrational imprint of B12. I hope to add some floral essences to it soon as well but for now, it works the way it is. If you are not getting the nutrients you require from your diet (which I highly encourage you to do) then you might consider using something like Full Battery to help you through your daily tasks until you CAN feed and nourish your body properly. 🙂

You can find Full Battery in our shop under Bio-essences. In the meantime, eat your veggies and fruits before you become a dried up/dried out version of yourself. Experiment with herbs and spices, you will be amazed at the flavors they provide.

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