We offer a host of services for our clients. For military and those over 65 our services, with the exception of a nutritional consult, are 20% off. So here we go…

Health & Wellness Consultations-This in depth consultation will include a wide variety of what might seem to be random questions but there is a method to our madness in asking them. 🙂 We will go over your current medical issues, blood type, digestive type, oral history, accidents/surgical procedures, supplements, diet, exercise/activity needs, etc. Typically a nutritional consult can go from 1-2 hours.

PEMF/Rife-This is frequency medicine at its best. The PEMF is FDA approved for use on broken bones, pain management and more. We have used it for pert near everything (from allergies and sinus congestion to circulation and lymph issues. Sessions on the PEMF/Rife can vary depending on how long the frequency chain may be. With this kind of medicine consistency is key! Most of our clients come in once a week and see results.

Along with that, we also have accessories for the rife machine that are used for different types of healing. These include:

Microcurrent accessories-gloves, socks, knee and elbow sleeves. Microcurrent therapy works to restore the natural frequencies of the cells within different tissues (which all have their own frequencies specific for them), helping improve inflammation, pain, ATP production, increase blood flow and circulation, etc. thus allowing for larger range of motion. It also stimulates the immune system, protein and DNA synthesis, opens the calcium channels and more. Perfect for tendon/ligament issues, neuropathy, sciatica, pain, arthritis/rheumatic issues, etc.

LED’s-We have 3 different LED lights. Green, Red and Blue. These can be used in several ways. On the eyes, skin or navel. The blue light is great for skin conditions while the red and green lights permeate at much deeper levels. Blue is typically used for acne, psoriasis and other skin maladies. The red and green are used alternately for eye related issues while the red is used on the navel to stimulate tonification, regeneration and blood cleansing. The green is used on the skin for tumors and on acupuncture points to help with healing and clearing of meridians.

FIR Mat Therapy-Far Infrared Therapy helps the body heal in a multitude of ways. Our FIR mat contains both Jade and Tourmaline Stones so you also receive stone therapy with the infrared therapy. Infrared penetrates deep into the tissues and release photons which help to stimulate enzymes in the body. Enzymes are not just responsible for digestive health but are naturally anti-inflammatory so help reduce pain. This kind of therapy reduces joint stiffness, improves circulation and blood flow, increases metabolic function, nitric oxide and expands the capillaries. It can help to reduce cramping, stimulate healing and regeneration and promote tissue repair.

Acupressure Mat Therapy-This mat is covered with plastic spikes that apply pressure to trigger points helping to relieve things like headaches, back pain, stress, neck pain, muscle tension, depression and more. It can clear meridian lines, stimulate endorphins and boost circulation which always improves oxygen flow in the body, thus relieving inflammation. This is a great one for those not afraid of a little pressure. LOL. (I have been known to fall asleep on the mat on occasion.)

Reflexology-This is a therapy that uses the pressure points in the feet. The best way to start a session is by having a foot wash, helping to detoxify the feet and soften the muscles there. Follow this by something we refer to as ‘foot zoning’ which is really a foot massage with pressure points being visited throughout for the various organs in the body. Often the feet, hands, ears and tongue (which all have pressure points to the organs) show things happening in the body long before a medical test will and thus help to practice prevention rather than wait for illness to rear its ugly head later. Activating the pressure points helps the body to release toxins that have built up in the body that lead to disease and decay and allow the lymph to carry it away. Proper hydration is essential for ridding the body of these newly released toxins so the two go hand in hand.

Oberon Scans-This is a tool that helps us find out just what is going on in the body and address those issues before they become a problem. It tells us what microorganisms may be living inside you, what health issues are present, what metals your body is absorbing or pushing out, what your ancestors handed down to you, what things you may or may not be allergic to and so much more. This tool allows us to hone in on the best frequencies to use to help in healing both on our accessories and in bio-essence form, as well as the best supplements/herbs for your body. This scan often shows things that are not picked up on by modern medicine. 🙂

Herb, Nutrition, Culinary & Survival Skills Classes-We offer an array of classes for educational purposes. We have herb classes running year round, with nutrition, culinary and survival skills classes scattered intermittently in between. Herb classes are in person and online. They include herb walks, herbal potlucks, herb info classes and herb formula classes. Herb packets are also available for purchase through our website and are like mini books with all of the information involved (properties, historical uses, scientific studies, recipes & formulas for each herb covered within).

Supplements & Herbs-We offer an array of supplements and herbal formulas geared towards health and wellness. Some we make ourselves and some we carry from amazing companies like Pure Encapsulations, Klean Athlete, Douglas Labs and Genestra.

Bio-Essences-These are liquid formulations that include rife frequencies, floral essences and the vibrational imprints of other items known to help with certain illnesses. Just 4 drops in your beverage of choice up to 4x a day is all that is needed in order for your body to be flushed with frequencies. Sounds crazy but it is amazingly effective. Consistency is key to seeing results.

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