July 21, 2023 1:15 pm

Eve Bean-Allen

I don’t remember not ever having glasses. Since I was small I wore them. It seems like my earliest memory is of me in kindergarten and having to try and see the words on a page. I went through lots of pairs of glasses as a kid. Over the years I have done a bunch of research on eyesight because of my own vision. I have worried immensely about losing my sight at some point since technically I am blind without my glasses. I can make out shapes or forms and colors, but not words or anything like that. I remember even having a patch over one eye as a kid to see if it would help to correct my astigmatism. I eventually learned how to manage my astigmatism so that when people would look at me they wouldn’t say “Who are you looking at?” My wayward eye would shift down and out when I was tired or unfocused so would often give the impression I was not looking at the person I was talking to. (Kind of a strange effect…LOL). In my research over the years I found out that the eyes have direct links to the kidneys, and that if you were a bedwetter as a child and wore glasses too, then you more than likely have kidney insufficiency. This led me down a whole other avenue of research.





There are more I could add but you get the idea. I wanted to try to do something about my vision and as I was a bedwetter as a child and also had glasses, I now knew I needed to look at my kidneys as well. This led me to create a series of bio-essences to help with this problem. I started with one for myself called Up Close & Personal because I am nearsighted. LOL As I cannot use any medical terms for products because of the lovely FDA standards, I had to make up fun names for the things I put out there on the web. Up Close & Personal contains rife frequencies for myopia and the vibrational imprints of vitamins C & D3, carrots, saffron, bilberry, indian gooseberry, licorice root, chicory, turmeric, copper, magnesium, horsetail, eyebright, black currant, bioflavonoids and omega 3’s. When I say vibrational imprints I am speaking of the captured energetic imprints of those items, not the physical portions of them. To help me on this journey I also created a bio-essence for liver/kidney support that I call Tonify. This has the rife frequencies for liver/kidney support as well as the vibrational imprints of NAC and milk thistle. At the time I started this (which was around March of this year I believe) experiment on myself, I was having pain in my back on the right side, middle. It had gotten to the point where I couldn’t roll over at night because it hurt to do so. I have known for quite some time that my liver was compromised due to the lack of my gallbladder being there so I have been supplementing with milk thistle for a while. I figured the pain in my back was possibly kidney related. So, I started taking my Up Close & Personal and Tonify bio-essences together 4 or 5 times a day. As you only take 4 drops in your beverage it got me drinking more water too, which I also knew I needed to be doing. Within 2 weeks I started seeing a big difference in my vision. I could see signs more clearly, I could read a chart without holding it up to within inches of my face, I could read small print on my phone and computer and my night vision was much sharper too. What really told me I had kidney involvement was that the pain in my back went away entirely and I was able to sleep like I used to. I figured if this was working for me surely there must be something I can do to help other people with vision issues. This is how the eye series came to life. Storm’s End Nutrition LLC now offers the following either as a bundle (a few of them) or single purchases. We have:

Up Close & Personal – for myopia

Wayward View – for astigmatism

Far Out – for hypermetropia/hyperopia (farsightedness)

Clouds – for macular degeneration

Tunnels – for glaucoma

Spots – for cataracts

Islands – for floaters

Clear Skies – for general eye issues, blurriness, crossed eyes, etc.

Crown – for the third eye/pineal gland

Look for them as you wander down the path to improve your own vision issues. Let me know how they work for you!

Yours in Health,


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