March 11, 2023 8:02 pm

Eve Bean-Allen

I have been working like crazy the past few weeks to get my new office set up in Grangeville. It has finally come together and this morning it was baptized by my first herb class being held there. It is a small office so we were a little stacked on top of each other but it was fun and we had a good time.

My husband and I are working through this transition in our business. We have some products that sell pretty good here locally so we will be working to bring them to our online audience. We are also venturing into Bio-essences. What is a bio-essence? A bio-essence essentially is a menstruum that has been imbued with frequencies for different things that can be used by the body for the healing processes. They can be used for detoxification, emotional healing, to ease anxious feelings and for mental focus. I have a list of frequencies that is quickly outgrowing the file folder I currently have them stored in. These frequencies work within a liquid menstruum because water has memory. If you have ever heard of Masaru Emoto (, he believed that water could be affected by human emotion and intent. He spent years working with water and ice crystals and eventually wrote a book. It is interesting work to be sure. I have always known that emotion affects everything we do or touch. I have dealt with enough people to know how much emotion plays a role in healing or the lack thereof. Floral essences are based entirely on the emotional realm and I have seen it work. The bio=essences are just a step further to include the physical healing of the body by including the frequencies the body needs for specific organs or systems, etc. Pairing the two together is just a match made in heaven.

Recently I paired with my friend Seneca, who owns Freedom Flowers, a floral essence business, to create our first bio-essence together called Detox Drops. This product contains the rife frequencies for detoxification as well as the floral essences of Burdock, Milk Thistle and Self Heal. You are only as clean as your body happens to be so if you can take out both the emotional and physical trash that is awesome. She was able to release it this past week to her customer base and she is already getting responses from them about how well it works. We will be working together to release more of these pairings and Storm’s End will also be offering the rife frequency bio-essences by themselves. We are starting with 5 bio-essences to see how they do. They are called Noggin (for headaches/migraines), Scratch & Sniff (for allergies), Motion (for circulation), No Pressure (for stress and anxiety) and Creaks & Squeaks (for arthritis). We hope to be able to reach many people and help with the healing process of people across the usa as well as the world (one day).

I, personally, have seen how much these frequencies can change lives. I have clients who have seen so many changes happen to them using the rife machine that they end up purchasing their own machine so they can treat themselves at home on a regular basis (as it is cumulative). Frequency medicine is coming into its own and anyone who thinks frequencies don’t matter obviously have their head in the sand. We are surrounded, no, bombarded with negative frequencies daily through the vast amount of EMF’s that abound in communities across this nation. Computers, phones, TV’s, interactive refrigerators, Alexa at every angle, etc. Is it any wonder that the cancer rates have gone through the roof? Bio-essences can certainly help detox the body from these negative worldly influences.

We look forward to offering more of them in the future. 🙂 For now, do your own research into Royal Rife and all of the amazing things he accomplished while alive. It may just inspire you to try some rife for yourself. Here is a link to get you started.

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