February 19, 2023 7:06 pm

Eve Bean-Allen

Years ago in grade school, my science teacher handed out sheets of paper with the food pyramid on it. We were told this is how we should eat in order to thrive. It was only when I went through my own healing crisis that I realized how big of a role nutrition plays in health. One of the first things I learned when going to school for my holistic nutrition degree is that the food pyramid is completely wrong. No one should be eating that way.

The dictionary defines nutrition as the act of nourishing or being nourished by food or food substances. Holistic nutrition is defined as a complex interplay between physical and chemical, mental and emotional, spiritual and environmental aspects of one’s life and being. Nutrition to me encompasses the entirety of one’s life and it requires balance. Whenever I teach nutrition classes I include classes on more than just the culinary aspects of life because it so much more than just that. One of the things I tell all my students and clients is that nutrition should be first on their list to recovery. Diet definitely plays a huge role in the healing process but stress is something that is even more important to control than that. Stress will kill a person more quickly than a poor diet will.

One thing I encourage people to do who come to me is spend time every day doing something they love. I get rolling eyes and the exclamation that “how is that possible with all the things they need to get done every day?” My response is that if one doesn’t take care of their own needs then what kind of shape will they be in to help those they love when the time comes? Make time for yourself. Do something for YOU each day. Don’t feel guilty about it. Guilt is something we are taught and it eats away at us as we age eventually leading to heart attacks and death. Do not think that because you spend 1 hour a day doing something for you that this makes you selfish or bad. If you enjoy exercising then spend some time doing that, or cooking if that is your thing (that is kind of my therapy), or drawing, playing a musical instrument, etc. Whatever it is that you choose to do, think of it as edifying and nourishing your spiritual/mental well-being. You might find that your physical self has more energy, feels happier and more motivated. This happens often when the spiritual/mental/emotional parts of ourselves are nourished in the right ways.

Storm’s End Nutrition was built on this belief. I (and my husband) have worked hard to achieve this with many clients over the years. We know a whole, balanced, nutrition based life (being treated as a whole person rather than your symptoms or parts) is key to healing and we have seen it work dozens of times. Think of this the next time you say you have no time for you…make the time for you because no one else can do it BUT you. Put yourself first in health and healing so that when the time comes you can help those around you as they go through their own health issues. I promise it will make all the difference.

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